About Us

About Us

Sidhah edutech is India’s first and leading Hardware e-learning platform which also provides skill oriented software programs,along with other job-oriented professional courses.We make sure to provide right skill to the right person at the right time through sidhah.Through our India’s youth skill development mission to increase the literacy rate ,we thereby eradicate unemployment rate by providing highly advanced skills through both hardware and software courses.Our programs helps in bridging the gap of lack of skills in the youth and to rebuild their career.
SIDHAH EDUTECH is a corporate e-learning institution and it’s major objective is to 
improve the acquisition of knowledge and skills through advanced information technology platform for all over the country.
Sidhah helps to improve the conditions for carrying out IT , Hardware and software skill development for the youth in all over India.
 Make opportunity to enhance usage of technical and programming tools which are available and can
benefit the users.
Sidhah aim to eradicate unemployment rate thereby enhance the literacy rate and to ensure a safe career for the users


The main objective of Sidhah Edutech is to offer market-relevant skill training to young people in the country by the year 2023. Enrolling in Sidhah Edutech will open job opportunities and creating space for talent development for our Indian youth.

Sidhah Edutech helps in developing those sectors which are looking for skill development. This scheme helps in bridging the gap between skills required by the industry and skills people having for the generation of employment.