Android Development

  • Course level: Intermediate


Android software development is the process by which applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Google states that “Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, using the Android software development kit (SDK), while using other languages is also possible. All non-Java virtual machine languages, such as Go, JavaScript, assembly, need the help of JVM language code, that may be supplied by tools, likely with restricted API support

Topics for this course

34 Lessons


Basics Of Java30:54
Understanding The Program_130:54
Understanding The Program-232:18
fundamentals of programming in java 130:54
Fundamentals of programming in java 230:54
Order of operations part 127:39
order of operation part 224:49
IF statement in JAVA31:06
For Loop00:27:51
Object Oriented programming in JAVA00:57:08
Sample Program30:27
Expection Handling in JAVA30:57
multi threading in java27:38
multi threading in java part 225:10
multithreading in java part 327:00
constructor vs methods00:29:30
super keyword in JAVA00:25:32
First andriod application 100:25:57
First andriod application 200:24:07
collection in JAVA00:28:04
Basis of Andriod Development part 100:26:44
Basis of Andriod Development part 200:28:21
andriod projects 100:28:21
andriod projects 200:23:18
andriod projects 300:27:59
intends of andriod00:26:12
intends of andriod 200:25:24
intends of andriod 300:12:40
inheritance in java00:23:27
intend challenge00:28:16
basis of android development – XML00:26:44