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A beautician is a trained professional that uses a range of cosmetology techniques to provide hair, nail, makeup, or skincare services to their clients. While some beauticians choose to offer a wide selection of services to clients, many decide to specialize in a specific area.

What Will I Learn?

  • Beauticians who specialize in hair care services may cut, color, and style hair, providing suggestions based on client preferences, current hair trends, and flattering styles.

Topics for this course

43 Lessons005h 0030m


Introduction to beautician13:24
personality devolpment p112:11
personality devolpment p 211:19
personality devolpment p 311:19
introduction to skin part 113:10
introduction to skin part 200:8:07
Bleach theory20:22
Bleach practical23:59
1st internal Assesment Quiz
Cleanup theory18:29
cleanup practical28:23
peel of mask theory10:09
Peel of mask practical16:27
Head massage theory19:10
Hot oil treatment16:36
head massage practical35:30
Under eye treatment theory4:43
Hot oil Treatment Practical28:42
vegetable peeling theory16:18
Drandruff Treatment9:04
Clean up in another form9:01
Blow Dry6:16
Layer cut32:57
Veg Peel practical11:34
hairstyling part 115:22
hairstyling part 216:18
hairstyling part 317:09
machines part 126:56
machines part 226:56
hair spa 120:04
hair spa 227:07





  • Beauticians are professionals engaged in improving a client’s appearance through hair care, nail, beauty and skin care. Beauticians can often specialize in certain areas such as nail art, makeup application, hair color etc. The responsibilities of a beautician involve recommending different beauty therapies for skin care/hare and a beautician should be experienced when it comes to beauty treatments such as makeup, facial, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, and hairstyling.